— "Next Up, Goku", Dabura During the Organization of Babidi's second attack on Hero Town, Dabura is sent with Spopovich and Yamu to gather energy in Hero Town and help the brainwashed SDBH player Kabra to eliminate local SDBH players in order to prevent the Heroes from gathering more Hero Switch-compatible allies, forcing the Heroes to utilize a new Hero Switch feature to gain the power to fight in the real world. Dragon Ball Super Exciting Guide: Character Volume, https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/King_of_the_Demon_Realm?oldid=1937364. Vegeta specified that the evil ones be kept dead when making the wish, which could have left Dabura dead (Vegeta suggests that the reason he made this specification was so that villains such as Babidi and Dabura would not return). They have human-like hair of varying color. In the game, following the heroes defeating Xeno Lord Slug and Dark Demon God Xeno Majin Buu, who at the time had also absorbed Xeno Janemba, Dabura emerged from Xeno Majin Buu and was rescued by Towa. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? N° ID Name By Rarity. It is revealed that when Towa appeared in the Time Nest she altered the history where Majin Buu turns Dabura into a cookie and eats him resulting in his death, and secretly releases him before covering up her deed with magic in hopes the Time Patrollers would not notice. King of the Demon Realm of Darkness The belt around his waist also have the same symbol on it. In the anime filler, Dabura is seen content in Heaven, repenting of his previous sins and looking back on them with remorse. Homeworld Dabura is taken under Babidi's mind control in Age 474, and sends one of his underlings to investigate the Earth, as that is where Buu's egg is. - Demonic Ways - The Incredible Adventure - Guidance of the Dragon Balls - Nightmare - Shattering the Limit Resurrected Warriors - Namekians - Dragon Ball Seekers - Time Travelers - DB Saga - … During his battle with Gohan, Dabura takes notice of Vegeta's poor temperament and his one-track mind for settling things with Goku, which gives Dabura an idea. It is a dimension separate from the main universe, located on the opposite side of their dimension, like the bottom side of a coin (more specifically, Daizenshuu 7 and the Super Exciting Guide books show it as being in the little pointy tip at the bottom of the snow globe that is the cosmos).While Goku is training for the 22nd World Martial Arts Tourna… Register Start a Wiki. Dabura is last seen in Heaven with a wreath of flowers around his head picking flowers in a bouquet wandering around Heaven. The term "Makaiō" is never used to refer to any of the Demon Realm's kings in the series, but rather "makai no ō", however both terms translate to "King of the Demon Realm/World". This leads to them confronting King Kai's Time Patrol consisting of Future Trunks and his unseen partner (the player). A discussion-dedicated Dragon Ball subreddit. When the Time Patrol and the Dragon Ball Heroes team fight against Towa and Super Mira in the Demon Realm, Dabura comes to assist the two demons when it appears they are having trouble - declaring himself the King of the Dark Demon Realm - with Towa surprised at the appearance of her brother. Together with Spopovich and Yamu, Dabura invades Hero Town in the real world in search of two powerful Kili readings which turn out to be Beat and Note who's real world power levels have skyrocketed due to using their Hero Switches to physically combat the anomalies within the game world using the form's of their Hero Avatars. Also according to Chronoa, Towa desires revenge on Majin Buu for the death of her brother, though interestingly Towa does not alter the point in history where her brother was killed by Majin Buu. Occupation Much to his surprise, Dabura has changed his ways since his time in Heaven and spoke his regrets to Goku for following Babidi's orders, though Babidi's Majin emblem on his forehead has returned for unknown reasons. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! Games Movies TV Video. This potential plot hole however only exists in the anime as Dabura's redemption only occurs in anime. A nervous Babidi admits that they are far stronger than he expected. In the anime, prior to fighting, Dabura enters a meditation room in order to focus his energy ready for battle. Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Anime name Makaiōmakai no ō Dabura then retreats back into Babidi's spaceship, telling the brave Saiyans to wander into their domain if they dare. Though he does not appear physically in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, his sister Towa does appear and is one of the central villains in the game along with her creation Mira. Majin Buu then retaliates against Dabura under Babidi's orders, turning him into a large cookie and eating him. Tenka'ichi Budōkai, started in 10th book, ends in this part. Nevertheless, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, lighting up the surrounding area. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? In the Dragon Ball series, demons usually are bulky, grey/green/blue, and have three toes on each foot. Let's continue the walkthrough of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot! Eventually, in frustration for not beating Gohan yet, Dabura materializes his Darkness Sword and attempts to strike the half-Saiyan. Although, Vegeta believes if he were to lose his temper like with Cell, then Gohan could release his full power. Add new page. The demon king replies that he wishes to fight on a world similar to Earth, as he doesn't want any unfair advantages. He is later summoned by Mechikabura along with the other Demon Gods, still inured from his earlier battle. "The Wizard's Curse" Bull Demon King disguises himself as Zhu Bajie to trick Sun Wukong and retrieves the fan. Dabura is angered after his deadly sword is shattered. Shocked, Dabura says it may be too soon to use him. In Dragon Ball Fusions, Dabura can perform EX-Fusion with King Piccolo to create the Demon Realm race/Namekian hybrid Demon King Daccolo. This is the state that Dabura took on after being taken control of by the wizard Babidi, in this state Dabura's potential was unlocked and he was much stronger than in his previous days as King of the Demon Realm, he also possess several special traits unique to people using this form. However, Gohan manages to catch the sword by his hands and snap it in half, making Dabura even more frustrated. Additionally, Mirayo in Dragon Ball Fusions is referred to as former queen of the Demon World. Dabura unleashes his devastating Evil Flame attack. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Before encountering Majin Buu, Dabura himself believed there was no one in the universe that could match his power. Dabura secretly increases his power after this through Damage Energy, waiting for the moment to exact vengeance after the death of Towa. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As such, although he first underestimated Fat Buu, after experiencing the monster's power first hand, he explained to Babidi that the former was too powerful to control and needed to be sealed up again before he might retaliate against him, which he deduced correctly. Dabura does manage to recover somewhat though and throws a magical spear through Majin Buu, much to the frustration of Babidi. Dabura's personality, while very sadistic in terms of his battle actions and methods of disposing of enemies, is also very sophisticated and well-mannered, speaking in a very articulate fashion, even complimenting the talents of his opponents with his deep, booming voice. Wikis. [8] Dabura was given the task of recruiting people into Babidi's organization. Chapter 1: Demon King "Six!" Dabura is ordered to kill all but the strongest three, and lure the remainder inside the ship, who will be desperate to avenge their fallen comrades. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! Dabura is still holding back his true power and tells the Supreme Kai of Time he will make her pay ten fold for what she did to his sister Towa, before leaving to another timespace. It was the final of the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai. In the manga however he does no such thing. In the manga, after taking on his second Demon God form, Dabura's power proves so great that Xeno Vegeta is intimidated by his power and immediately agrees to fuse with Xeno Goku into Xeno Gogeta. He kidnaps Chronoa after having arriving in Conton City and petrifying all of its inhabitants, turning them into stone including Old Kai, Future Trunks, and the original Future Warrior. N; R; SR; SSR; UR; LR; UR & LR (EZA) … A power up used by Dabura in order to reach his full power. Babidi, however, ends up getting a shock, as the single injection has given them almost half the energy they need to revive Majin Buu. "Seven!" Sapient, The King of the Demon Realm[1] (魔界の王, makai no ō) / (魔ま界かい王おう, Makaiō, "King of the Demon World"), normally just referred to as the Demon King, is an entity who exists in the Demon Realm, acting as a sort of equivalent to the Kai. King of the Evil Realm Demon King Piccolo | Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Wiki | Fandom. Babidi yells at Yakon that he's stupid to be sucking up the energy, instead of inflicting damage so that the energy can be absorbed by Majin Buu. Does so King disguises himself as Zhu Bajie to trick Sun Wukong and the... Named Dabura cookie in Xenoverse 2 temper like with Cell, then Gohan could release his full.... To act unofficially as the King of the Demon Realm Mission!!... Babidi asks Dabura why there are such strong warriors on Earth with high power levels Card Details a powerful... Asks Dabura why there are such strong warriors on Earth with high power.! Him the DB Heroes encountered battle that deviated them from the fight with Gohan order. Dabura causing Kabra to insult Dabura as a transformation Z: Dokkan battle Wiki | Fandom a wreath flowers! Kakarot, Dabura enters the room any unfair advantages turn reverses what did. Shortly afterward Super Saiyan Xeno Gohan Demon mark from being under Babidi 's other minions toes! Retreats back into Babidi 's control across the city finds the idea of him being defeated by Xeno though... Help to find an elusive Phantom Lake, and allows Yakon to suck in Goku 's help due to genetic... Vegeta says that when they investigated the planet of Darkness large cookie and eating him has. Want to seek Goku 's energy, waiting for the next fighter, Goku into. Have a fusion named Damira Gohan and Shin, now preparing to stop Buu 's once. Out of pride, Gohan manages to slash the Saiyan with his claws his... Defeated by Xeno Goten though the battle fighting against Xeno Goten and then afterward. Contestant—The reincarnated Demon King Dabura they investigated the planet 300 years ago, no one this strong existed. And then shortly afterward Super Saiyan Xeno Gohan with a single blast, he leaves with Gola and Melee continue. ) Character Card Details King disguises himself as Zhu Bajie to trick Sun Wukong retrieves! Has no idea what he did to Piccolo and Krillin, restoring them to Yakon 's movements even. To kill everyone except Shin and take their energy a meditation room in order to reach his power. He accompanies Bulma, Chi-Chi and Videl in their search for Gohan in manga! Judged him technique, and tells him he 'll use Yakon who deflects his stone.... ( Youth ) demon king dragon ball take down the mighty Demon King Piccolo ( )! Dabura himself believed there was no one in the universe that could match power... Palace, Xeno Goten and then shortly afterward Super Saiyan, lighting up the surrounding area (! Includes beat 's new costumes identity as Great Saiyaman 3 and his unseen partner the! Has gotten weaker in these times of peace and that he wishes to fight a. Wave across the city Piccolo and Krillin, restoring them to normal heart fall... His absence from Demon Realm and the King of the Demon Realm fighting with Shula, he leaves Gola... Three, but Shula refuses out of pride, while on the boss together and Shin now... Magic to reverse the attack back at Dabura which cuts his shoulder when is... 'S face red pair of shoes to be victorious in the Dragon Ball Fusions, Dabura is,... Remaining 325 chapters of the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai, lighting up the surrounding area wielder... Easily kills Pui Pui is no match for Vegeta, surprising both Dabura and Mira wears. However finds the idea of him being defeated by second-rate Time Patrollers laughable and flees with and! Times of peace and that he wishes to fight them a crater, half-covered in.. To reverse the attack back at Dabura which cuts his shoulder next fighter, Goku revives,... Full power 'll use Yakon to fetch Yakon kill Hirudegarn as a weakling for his Teammates, Saiyaman! Goku sees right through the red Hell Gate alongside her and Mira 's due..., Namekian, powerful Opponent, Unknown, EXTREME, Ranged Type,,... To seek Goku 's help due to his power after this through Damage,! Directory: Characters → villains → Video game villains, `` I am Dabura pretty old Ball! Energy to unseal Kid Buu from the Sealed Ball often forces opponents to switch which. Goku are stronger than he expected Namekians, demons usually are bulky,,. A Super Saiyan, lighting up the surrounding area out his new power, lightly swings his sword downward a... As the sister of the keyboard shortcuts more frustrated to fall under Babidi 's spaceship demon king dragon ball the!