If you search “IKEA EKET Record Storage” on Pinterest, there are countless examples of creative “hacks” using these units to build all sorts of great record storage solutions. If you collect vinyl records with the same love and intensity that you collect clothes, then you should have no problem using the NORDLI to store your vinyl records. Just lovely! 11. If you are looking for a record player table I highly recommend this IKEA side table hack. Vinyl lovers storage unit and DJ console - IKEA Hackers Materials: Expedit and Molger legs Description: Simple ! Ikea Kallax/Expedit Turntable & Audio storage hacks Add to Wish List Compare this Product. IKEA hacked Record player stand. It is seriously the perfect size and holds the right amount of records. I made this record stand because I couldn’t find a media stand that I liked, without it being at least 400 dollars which I’m not able to justify with my budget. IKEA Hack: Record Player Stand. Time to get your thinking cap on—preferably with a record … Love the step by step instructions and accompanying photos, the intro and tool list at the start, and links to products you used where applicable. Really helpful, thanks for sharing. … Article by Bloglovin' 1.3k. Record Player Table Record Stand Record Holder Record Players Vinyl Record Storage Ikea Hack Room Inspiration Diy Home Decor Interior Design. I took a 5 x 1 Expedit, put it on its side and installed some 10 inch Molger cabinet legs (they go beyond the back a few inches). Keep in mind that IKEA markets this as a nightstand. How to hack a front-facing IKEA vinyl record storage cabinet Step 1. Article by Ruby Acosta. Partially Assemble KALLAX Shelf. Jan 24, 2020 - Post with 12978 views. IKEA Hack: Record Player Stand (Nouvelle Daily) When the time came for us to find a good quality record player stand, with copious amounts of storage for all the vinyl, it was an impossible task. Step 2. And since is a modular dresser that you put together, you can … by Wakegal35 Mar 04, 2018. I wanted to make the stand specially for record player with vinyl record storage.Because we love our turntable, and this stand would be a great gift for it.I hope I succeeded.Also I will do with pleasure custom record player stand.This record player cabinet is 29" Long x 15" Deep x 27" Tall and is ideal for storing record player. IKEA KALLAX Hack: Record Player StandStorage – The B Keeps. IKEA HACK #7: NORDLI dresser as a record player stand with storage IKEA. Product Code: turntable-kyk389: Availability: In Stock: £111.01 £40.52; Qty Add to Cart. With the help of my friends we came up with the the design and went ahead and made this stand… 2 thoughts on “ DIY IKEA hack record player cabinet ” Sarah says: July 31, 2017 at 6:56 am Reply. Start by assembling 2 Sides and Bottom along with long horizontal divider and short vertical divider. Add to Wish List Compare this Product. This IKEA side table hack can be used for any room in your house and for any purpose. Everything we came across was either out of our (rea. RYOBI Nation Projects. Product Code: turntable-vzd512: Availability: In Stock: £127.75 £41.40; Qty Add to Cart. IKEA hacked Record player stand.