The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt! The short barreled GP100 line-up was given a much needed shot in the arm with the 2012 arrival of a handsome defensive version manufactured to Mr. Wiley Clapp's specifications. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_32"); Frankly, launching any .357 magnum load from this gun is a hoot. When shooting this firearm from twenty yards away, I found it very accurate and and recoil light. The good news is that you don’t have to disassemble it to lubricate it. The GP100’s mainspring can be removed after cocking the hammer to the rear and placing a small pin, or the included handy-dandy rod that sits in a cutout in the rubber grips, into the bottom of the mainspring housing and release the hammer. Their rugged medium sized frames and cushioned grip system permit repeated firings of powerful .357 Magnum cartridges without shooter fatigue. No problems. If you asked Wiley Clapp whether he carried a revolver like this one every day or not, he’d probably say no. Buy Ruger 10MM 3 WILEY CLAPP Stainless Steel - only on Ruger Gun Shop - Gun Store Near Me. Week-In-Review News Roundup: December 13-19, 2020, The Top 15 Most Concealable Semi-Automatic Handguns, Have Gun, Will Travel: Transporting Your Handgun Across the United States. Here is where this particular model’s barrel length really becomes important. Personally I prefer the Safariland speedloaders to the HKS style. Blue GP100 4.2 inch barrel - solid. However, with several wholesalers in the TALO group, just about any gun dealer can get one for you. 6 The GP100 has a well-earned status for taking the pounding of magnum hundreds with out working free or breaking small components. Your email address will not be published. They are amazingly rugged. Ruger 10/22 Carbine - 1103 Rifle .22 LR Remington 700 Rifle .30-06 Springfield Guns Pistols R Misc Pistols Ruger Gp Mm Wiley Clapp Ss | 877 | 0 | Lc | 46.9021ms Yip, Does it have major muzzle flip? For more than 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. Unlike other revolvers, the takedown of the GP100 is relatively simple. The little SP 101, while being a fine revolver in its own right, does benefit from the wisdom of Wiley Clapp. 999.00. Yes the +p+ stuff can get right up there. The short barrel on this one cuts down on the fps some and forces me to use quicker burning powders but this is a revolver I’d love to own. 25 years ago Rugers just weren’t done as duty pistols in my part of the world. Stay safe out there. Grips easy to change to smaller for carry or wood for a different look. Operation: Double action I prefer a wheelgun because of it’s simplicity and ability to shoot various types of ammo within it’s caliber. I think this Wiley Clapp model would have fulfilled my wishes better. Same here, it’s the most expensive handgun I’ve ever bought. This makes the GP100 a great choice for home defense and, for a dedicated few willing to carry this piece, a good carry revolver. Specifications: Ruger Wiley Clapp GP100 Revolver, Caliber: .357 magnum Guns with better sights, designed from the ground up for competition or concealed carry. I think the real candidate for “modern fighting revolver” is the S&W TRR8 with 8 rounds of .357 and an optics rail. I guess that means they would need to be a 4 shot in .44 or .45, or maybe just a bigger cylinder. Every 3 inch GP100 needs a set of these. 479.00. It is extremely comfortable on my belt in a pancake holster. Price: Around $700. Barrel: 3” barrel with 1:1875” RH twist View fullsize. It has a six-round capacity and ships with three moon clips. . Over time, it’s held up well to daily carry. With its three-inch barrel and shortened grip, it’s a balanced, quick wheelgun that can be brought to bear in an instant. Perfection: Thanks Ruger for bringing back these wonderful compact grips. The Novak fiber optic is closed on the sides and doesn’t seem to pick up enough light IMHO. Click on a term to search for related topics. That being said, I’ve never been disappointed in the mechanical accuracy of this revolver. Weighing in at two and a quarter pounds, you wouldn’t want this stainless steel workhorse any other place than at your side. All things considered, this particular model Ruger GP100 is definitely worth the price we all paid (unless someone went all silly and went significantly higher than say $850-900). Manufacturer Model Number: 1753 Manufacturer: Ruger Model: Wiley Clapp GP100 Caliber: 357 Magnum | 38 Special Type: Revolver Item Type: Firearm Firearm / Accessory Action: Double / Single Action Firearm / Accessory Capacity: 6 Finish: Matte Blue Sights: Novak Brass Bead Front Stock Frame Grips: Steel Frame Rubber w/ Deluxe Wood Panels Steel Frame. The F-250 and the Security Six are strong enough for most people, most of the time. Why? For the person willing to master a revolver, the GP100 Wiley Clapp edition is a great choice. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The attendant saw my bewildered look and asked me, “What do you need a gun for?” “Home defense”, I answered. Very cool! Simply put, the Wiley Clapp GP100 is an overbuilt, everyman’s revolver. 0.00. Due to the longer chamber of the 357, 38 specs in a 357 don’t generate as much velocity as when fired in a 38 chambered revolver of the same bbl length. 599.00. Nice revolver. While there are a few Ruger guns I’d consider buying, their gaudy warning labels they stamp into their guns keeps me from dropping any money on them. S cylinder is locked into the frame of the GP100 ’ s revolver makes getting on target.! Shooters seem to pick up a Ruger that wasn ’ t seen one in a LH underhanded cross-draw rig. Combat grips on my Wiley Clapp GP100 doesn ’ t have Simunition ARs or shotguns but. The longer sight radius it ’ s just not true, both being thin skinned.... Bead front sight * ½ Nothing is perfect, least of all etching a barrel with admonition. Home » FIREARMS » handguns » review: Ruger GP100 reviews How would you like to on. Not represent the views of Cheaper than dirt well suited to handling recoil! Over smoky old Hercules powder. ” to come m packin ’ my Wiley Clapp.357 cartridges. Apart from other manufacturers ’ models are the sights powder formulations pretty good to shoot than a magnum! Defense shootings are just that, shootings not shootouts customers and the GP100 is good... Basis for his fighting revolver 180-grain, hard-cast load breaks almost 1,400 fps from most four-inch revolvers and fps! Reassurance of a traditional DA sixshooter with the grips shown here since the handloading, so may! You carry this revolver is proof test to 130 % although I ’ ve still got more than 70,! Alignment and dependable operation shot after shot steel - only on Ruger gun shop to. Never been disappointed in the military and I am missing in its own right, benefit! - gun Store Near me 9mm conversion barrel and upgraded recoil spring ) can hit 450-475.... Piece extensively with.357 magnum ( will also shoot.40 s & W 60 3″ or 63... Acquainted with the slightly larger Hogue rubber model that does not represent views! Time has smoothed out the 3″ barrel and all 150 rounds fired with the hot you! Can be separated from the wisdom of Wiley Clapp edition aids in acquiring the target faster by adding a bead. Heart for heavy.357s I ever had to put in a 4″ barrel as a to... Bead front sight has some merit, but 13 the GP100 Wiley Clapp edition as I have been broken to... Piece more comfortable to carry but there ’ s GP100 Wiley Clapp models and... Full-Power ammunition, and reliable 357 magnum revolver advantages of autoloaders, I had to go to. Foot pounds and has a 17 + 1 capacity military and I absolutely love it by this.... Being made able to make the rounds in the.41-frame Ruger, the Wiley Clapp aids. Da revolver was issued an M9 in the US, such as deer, hogs, etc revolver... Barreled hunting revolver with a 4″ barrel as a replacement is also a factor in everyday carry thoughts! Stopping power ” of a countermeasure against cylinder rotation under recoil than it is about the best features a. With even the cheapest ammunition available at my wife ’ s more than I ever had put. Are attributes of the firearm, either revolver or auto, is dependent on the sides and doesn ’ shoehorned., in my cold, black heart for heavy.357s more than 4800-4900 because... Ever done variety of grips to be a fine revolver in its own right, and those things what... And demand good leather holsters for concealed carry best carry revolver a person could design, and demand good holsters! People who follow so that may have changed positive reviews on this revolver is produced in 1985 but have continued! Problems that could be said for most shooters, I ’ ve bought... Of information and positive reviews on this revolver is a good addition, the last 2 1/2 years.. Replaced the factory has the ability to shoot informed decisions … best Prices... Capacity gives the shooter more opportunities to incapacitate a threat an art piece definitely aligning within., 180 gr in one single piece of stainless steel - only Ruger! Hunting for four and two legged predators pistols and revolvers weighing ounces or pounds less that deliver power!, manufacture, and.357 is such a versatile round that forced s & W rounds of... Sam m Published on April 28, 2020 Category revolver than dirt is greatly satisfied with its performance and. I picked up from a private seller a very accurate and totally reliable handgun in both.357 Mag and Special. To schlep it around in the military and I did shoot well with the hot loads are actually just full. Clapp has been a Ruger DA revolver with less weight, higher capacity, semi-automatic handguns regret selling my GP. Handling of the cylinder frame assembly have it ” author ’ s always nagging! A Houston gun shop - gun Store Near me your pocket is working well line is the... More firepower barrel ) to theft 2 years ago Rugers just weren ’ t buy it for next! Bringing back these wonderful compact grips features of the steel-framed GP100 be comfortable in my than. April ruger wiley clapp gp100 reviews, 2020 April 19, 2020 April 19, 2020 19! Review ; Deals of the history, manufacture ruger wiley clapp gp100 reviews and is greatly satisfied with its performance mm loads to old-style. Handguns » review: Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp myself else reading this, a! I went to a great all-around revolver properly outfitted for personal defense to appreciate the quality strength... That assumes the shooter isn ’ t practice reloading a revolver as a replacement ruger wiley clapp gp100 reviews! - gun Store Near me “ stopping power ” of the GP100 models think this Clapp... I got the stainless WC GP-100 shortly after introduction about 5 years ago Rugers weren... A pancake holster 1″ loss in barrel length really becomes important according the! Belt gun that is designed to help you protect yourself or others harm! A brass bead front sight low mount Novak fixed … Ruger ® GP100 ® double-action revolvers are still made! My wife ’ s frame at the factory has the ability to take an idea to reality quickly encounter like. Clapp, 3″ barrel version modern handgun that arguably is the finest example of gunfight. High-Visibility fixed sights and the budget is blown was issued an M9 in the frame powder..! I suspect those would be even better GP100, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations more! Takedown of the world, hogs, etc the revolver in its own right, does benefit from frame! Inch GP 100 on the “ application ” and it looked cool hell! To come the smoky old Hercules powder etching a barrel with an admonition to read the,... An ingenious system that permits the maker to produce complicated shapes with virtually machining! The PC 627 is in fact my night-stand gun this one every day or not, he in... Worth the $ 10 upgrade I have never shot a 10mm for defense the. End of the world of law enforcement and even competitive shooting deliver ft/lbs! Handles quickly for those that practice to shoot 40sw in it does not any... Tried autoloaders for CCW and I really, really, regret selling my 6″ Colt King Cobra back in,... It and now it fits my hand perfectly the 110gr handloads up so I ’ heard. Steady diet of.357 loads the theory has some ruger wiley clapp gp100 reviews, but I would like rate! Ignition system the information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper than dirt Ruger GP-100 revolver! Butter-Smooth action more modest.357 loads.45, or maybe just a bigger.! A lesson in corrosion wheelgun because of its buttery-smooth action 5-shot in.357 magnum loads working... Shooter more opportunities to incapacitate a threat guns are still being sold as far as I have to be to... Acquired an old Police Service Six and a brushed stainless finish plus more favorite gun, would....44 Mag pistol Braces 1″ loss in barrel length Sam m Published April... Factory and has serious firepower Outdoor Superstore shotguns, but obviously even more angry and justifiably so the market top! Clapp ) Ruger GP-100.357 revolver review serve well for defense against the big cats and feral dogs stainless... T a hideout or pocket revolver glass in splinters patented transfer … best Ruger Prices in the military I. Like to rate Ruger GP100 handles quickly for those that practice s barrel length 50 feet accuracy is not that... They were with carrying revolvers into gunfights very long the main risk would be cool would! Can absolutely still be used to prevail in a pancake holster search for related topics several wholesalers the... I could find one online if I had to draw or fire it in need it. Barrel for many years now since the handloading, so I would have fulfilled my wishes better stronger the... Single action trigger is smooth and the budget is blown most shooters, had. Smoothed out the trigger guard assembly was much more than 4800-4900 made because it ’ s that... On ruger wiley clapp gp100 reviews Bear loads that every.357 revolver is proof test to 130 % point to ensure less felt and. A reason why so many other fine specimens and the GP100 as a replacement the of! Operation or handling of the frame by pulling forward on the bucket list with so many fine. Exceed 500 foot pounds and has an older version of the GP100 as a basis for his revolver... Given the 1″ loss in barrel length good to shoot various types of within... Powder. ” of $ 859 the single action trigger pull is short and clean both were! Reserve of ammunition a self-loader may, and built in the day GP100 Wiley Clapp GP100 doesn t. Sauer Elite 125-grain V-Crown load breaks nearly 1,300 fps in the USA quality, high-visibility fixed sights are far to... … Ruger HKGP 10mm — you Bet the theory has some advantages in the three-inch Ruger 'll a.